Thu mua thanh l\u00fd m\u00e1y l\u1ea1nh, \u0111i\u1ec1u h\u00f2a c\u0169 t\u1ea1i TPHCM - S\u1eeda \u0111i\u1ec7n l\u1ea1nhMeeting the needs of living convenience, which means the additional cost of energy to serve the convenience. In order to become a smart consumer, you should consider energy saving solutions such as air conditioning.
• What is DRED?
DRED – Demand Response Enabling Device is one of the remarkable features that a number of new generations of machines are quite familiar to users in Vietnam.
The need for cooling and heating is one of the factors that lead to the peak on the grid. For example, on a hot weekday, most people will turn on the air conditioner in the evening when they get home. To help reduce household electricity consumption, many new air conditioner models have DRED, also known as PeakSmart.

DRED allows energy companies to control remote air conditioners during peak demand – usually in the summer when people want to cool their homes – reducing grid tension. and mua dieu hoa cu household electricity consumption.

• How it works?
If you have a DRED / PeakSmart air-conditioner and your ISP provides PeakSmart service, you can arrange with the air conditioning installer to install the receiver on your computer. Air. In times of high demand on the grid, the power supplier will be able to remotely switch your air conditioner to economy mode. This usually does not greatly affect the cooling (or heating) output of the air conditioner – you may not even notice it is happening – but it will reduce the amount of air conditioners in use. .
However, so far only a few overseas energy companies provide services. In Australia, for example, some energy companies, including Energex and Ergon based in Queensland, also offer incentives to customers who buy air conditioners with DRED.

With the speed of the 4.0 revolution, we and your friends should hope that one day to experience and enjoy the value of DRED features at home.
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