h\u00ecnh \u1ea3nh : c\u00e2y x\u01b0\u01a1ng r\u1ed3ng, th\u1ef1c v\u1eadt, L\u00e1, C\u00e1nh hoa, m\u00f9a h\u00e8, M\u00f9a xu\u00e2n, Th\u1ef1c v\u1eadt h\u1ecdc, H\u1ed3ng, H\u1ec7 th\u1ef1c ...With regular air conditioners that are broken or damaged, repair costs are more expensive. Even when the air conditioning repair is done, there is no guarantee that the unit will not have a problem. In this case you should sell the air conditioner and buy a replacement product.
The old air conditioner purchase price is high
Get value for the value of air conditioning is the desire of any customer when the need to liquidate. If you do not thoroughly understand the old air conditioners, you can easily sell this product at a cheap price. When you choose to sell air conditioning for the center of the refrigeration technology you will receive a high price equivalent to the price of air conditioning.
The process of purchasing air conditioners takes place quickly to save your time and money. With just one call, the Polytechnic will send employees directly to your home address to purchase and proceed to pay for the product.
Refrigeration Encyclopedia – The old air-conditioned purchasing address
Many customers in Hanoi have chosen the address of Bach Khoa Refrigeration Center because they believe that we always value the value of air conditioners. Through surveys, all customers are satisfied with the old air conditioner purchase and price. There have been many customers introduce their friends and relatives to Refrigeration Technology to liquidate the air conditioning.
Here are the benefits of selling old air conditioners:
– Buy all used air conditioning, from broken to broken, from mild to severe damage
– The process of purchasing is fast
– The price is very good because we buy back
– Willing to provide enthusiastic advice and free of charge for new air conditioning buyers. With a team of experienced graduates from colleges and universities will advise you choose the firm, air conditioning capacity, … based on the needs of use.
– Consulting air conditioning installation
– Receive quality air conditioning and air conditioning
– Customer service attentive
Selling old air conditioners for the center of your refrigerator will be most beneficial. You will find it difficult to find a second center for high-priced air conditioners and good customer care services such as Refrigeration and mua diều hòa cũ an phúc Refrigeration.

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