Almost all of us have grown up watching Disney movies and dreamt of visiting the Disneyland. From getting entertained, dreaming of handsome prince to learning the lessons of life, Disney movies has inspired us all in many ways.

Walt Disney is the man who made all the efforts of creating the animated movies. Enlightening our lives with his hard working team. In 1928, he created ‘Mickey Mouse’, the first ever animated movie. In 1937, ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ was created. With a vision of a magical park for parents and children, he opened Disneyland in 1955. Walt Disney is regarded 20th century’s iconic figure.

On December 5, 1901, Walt Disney was born in Chicago. He grew up in humble beginnings with his 5 siblings in a farm of Marceline, 릴게임야마토 Missouri. From an early age he had extraordinary interests in drawing. At 16 years of age, he was dropped out of school. At that time, he was an employee in a juice company. Walt Disney then joined the Red Cross Ambulance Corps during World War I and later was sent to France.

In 1919, 야마토 릴게임 Walt Disney was discharged by Red Cross Officials and 릴게임사이트 moved to Kansas City. There, he worked for creative advertisements in magazines and movie theatres. With his growing interest in animation, he created a film studio called ‘Laugh-O-Gram’ in 1922. The studio failed within a year because of financial instability.

In 1923, he opened Disney Brother Studio with his brother in Hollywood. It started with short animated movies. In 1927, Walt Disney created Oswald, the Lucky Rabbit character for a television series which became very popular. Unfortunately, he lost the rights of his creation in a corporate dispute after a year.

In 1928, Walt Disney presented the world with Mickey Mouse in a short film called ‘Steamboat Willie’. Synchronized sound effects were used for the first time. The cartoon character became a massive hit and shortly Mickey Mouse Clubs and Comic Strips were also designed for the children. Walt Disney was also the voice of Mickey Mouse from a period of 1929 to 1947.

During the World War II, educational films were produced by Disney employees. The main aim was to support the federal agencies. The character of ‘Donald Duck’ was the creation of that era.

With 22 Oscar Awards and 59 nominations, Walt Disney holds the most number of records. His first Academy Award was for ‘Flowers and Trees’ in which he used the process of 3-strip Technicolor.

Walt Disney developed lung cancer in November 1966. At 65, he died on December 15 in Burbank hospital. His sepulcher is at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California.

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