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5 months agoName something that a soldier wears?
for family fued: uniform, helmet, weapon, boots

Name an occasion where dancing is part of the celebration?
wedding, prom, birthday (family fued)

Name something you have more of in the house when the grandkids are visiting?
for family fued: junk food, toys, noise, and mess

Name a section you see in most greeting card stores?
for family fued: birthday, wedding, anniversary, romance

Name something you cook in a frying pan?
You can cook eggs and fish. P.S,if you are answering family fued,this is the suitable answer….

Name a kind of animal you might see in a swamp?
1.Alligator 2.Frog 3.Snake 4.Crocodile 5.Monster family fued alligator frog snake insects birds mud turtles

Name something in your life that you would be sad if no one shows?
Family Fued Answers: wedding funeral graduation and birthday.

Name a part of fish u dont eat?
FAMILY FUED : bones head eyeballs gills scales ENJOY 🙂

Name somthing specific your likely to be awakened by when sleeping outside?
for family fued: bird, sun, bugs, rain, car

Name a disadvantage of sharing a bed with someone?
snoring if u are playing family fued use (crowded) If your feelings for the person have changed

Name something people get their fingers caught in?
Monica Lewinsky family fued: doors windows drawers cookie jar cabinet

Name something you make with batter?
The family fued answers are: Cake Pancakes Cookies French toast Bread W 2

Other than pumpkin name a type of pie people eat on thanksgiving?
for family fued: apple, sweet potato, pecan

Name a famous person that last name ends with Allen in family fued?
1. Woody 2. Tim 3. Debbie 4. Steve 5. Marcus

If batman got married name someone he knows that probably wouldn’t get an invie?
Family Fued Answers Catwoman Riddler Penguin Joker

Name something the doctor begins to check as you get older?
for family fued: heart, prostate, blood pressure, vision, colon, hearing, colesterol

If you were the host of family feud name something you’d probably have to say a lot?
survey sats name something good answer number one answer is time to play wrong answer show us lets play family fued

Name a type of music that is easy to dance to?
Hip Hop Country Rock & Roll Disco Salsa Techno Jazz Top answers Family Fued

Name something you might see for the first time in Alaska?
If this is from the Family fued game the answers are right here: snow, eskimo, iceburgs, glaciers, bears, whale. (:

Name a specific type of business that usually has an ATM inside?
for family fued: bank, grocery store, 소형 강아지 종류 gas station, convenience store, bar, casino, resteraunt

Name a popular tv Christmas special?
for family fued: Rudolph the red nose reindeer, charlie brown, frosty the snowman, santa, how the Grinch stole Christmas

Name something you do to calm yourself after becoming very angry?
breathe, smoke, walk, count to 10, eat something, meditate, listen to music family fued

Name something a toy doll does that makes them seem like a real baby?
Family Fued Answer: Cry Crawl Talk Wets Pants Eyes Open And Close

Name something a couple might argue about while planning a vacation together?
Where to go? When to go? How much to spend? What to do? How to go? If playing family fued: top answer: Destination

Name something people think happen to them after they die?
Family Fued Answers: 1. Heaven 2. Hell 3. Reincarnation 4. Decay 5. Ghost

Name a reason might a cab driver have a bad day on a job family fued?
bad tips no fares heavy traffic flat tire got a ticket

What nationality is last name snell?
Irish… at least thats what it is for my family.

What infamous gangsters name is now a clothing line movie and video game?
Scarface family fued..what is a movie about gangsters sopranos godfather untouchables public enemy good fellas

Name somthing specific a child might do to cause his mom to give him the look?
for family fued: cry, curse, talk back, lie, break somthing, tantrum, fight with sibling

Name something made with pumpkin?
Pumpkin pie and pumpkin bars Family Fued, answers Pie Bread Jack O Lantern Cookies Pumpkin seeds Cake soup

What is the name of the security system of an animal cell?
U sucker thats tooo esay

Name a reason why someone might hold a garage sale?
family fued answers: 1.) get rid of junk 2.)moving 3.)make money 4.)make some room

Family background of Archimedes?
Archimedes family: His father was a astronomer and his name was Phidias and thats all anybody know there is nothing else

Who was Hiram Turk?
Hiram Turk was at the center of fued in the 1840’s which escalated into a full-scale war known as the Slicker Wars in Missouri. At first it was a small fued between Turks family and a family by the name of Jones. This fued started in Turk’s store on Election Day in 1840. Turk’s store was used as a poll site. Hiram’s son got into an argument with one of the Jones and the Jones…

How do you play family fued?
(Now the host is John o’ Hurley) John asks you a Fued questions,you have to get the most popular answers,and also if you get it right you get points and the first family to get 300 points wins. Then they get to play Fast Money in order to win $20,000 dollars,so John gives you 5 questions and you answer what you think.Ummmmmmmmmmmm I’ll give you a question I heard last it was… Q: Name a…

Name a soap opera title that best describes your love life?
for family fued: days of our lives, one life to live, guiding light, passions, all my children, the young and the restless, as the world turns

Name a famous store in new york city?
Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and Tiffany’s are famous NY stores. Family Fued Answers Macy’s Saks Fifth Avenue Bloomingdale’s Barney’s Tiffanys FAO Schwartz

Is Jennifer a nice name?
yes, thats my name i think its gorgous. when u break it up. jenni thats really pretty sounding and then fer or fur reminds me of animal fur website yes jennifer is a nice name!!! hope i helped

What are the 5 characteristics of animal?
i dont know but i would like to know what they are.. but its pretty easy just look at the picture of the animal and name characteristics… thats what i would do

Does Miley Cyrus related to josh Cyrus?
of course (if thats how ya spell it) but only by family name

What is a bison?
A bison is a name for a wild ox, Latin name Bison bonasus, or a similar American animal, Latin name Bison bison, also called a buffalo.

Is there a moose type animal called a gunnue?
A moose is the largest animal in the deer family. While I could not find an animal called “gunnue”, there is an animal called a Gnu, which is another name for 고양이 발정기 a Wildebeest. The Wildebeest is part of the Antelope family.

What is the name of the animals that are called asinine family in the animal world?
There is not a family of animals called the asinine family. There are animals in the Asian family such as the Asian elephant.

Does anybody have the last name tenge?
i do! i dont know if this has anything to do with trying to find out family history but thats what im doing!

How do you leave or join a new family in Mafia Wars Facebook?
Just find your name in the list of your current family and then click the X to remove yourself. Thats all. Have fun!

Name a Christmas song people are tired of?
Jingle bells 12days of Christmas Silent night Santa is coming to town Deck the halls Grandma got run over by a raindeer Wish you a merry Christmas All in order for family fued

Name a famous Johnson?
Answers for Family Fued game on iPod or iPhone 1)Lyndon B Johnson 2)Magic Johnson 3)Don Johnson 4)Andrew Johnson 5)Howard Johnson 6)Ladybird Johnson

Name a way people warm themselves up when they are cold?
Blanket Put on a jacket Rub hands together Cuddle Extra clothes Fireplace Drink hot chocolate These answers are word-by-word (if you’re playing Family Fued on Facebook).

How do you spell okapi?
That is the correct spelling of the animal name “okapi” (giraffe family).

What is the Scientific name of Hake animal?
Merlucciidae is a family of cod-like fish.

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