If you’re one of those worried new moms, on the lookout for the best feeding solution for your little one, consider employing the most pioneering, safe and attractively portable baby bottle mixer right away. Wondering about what is this bottle mixer! Well, it’s the only patented latest anti-colic handy milk blender which is designed to mix formula milk, oatmeal cereals, and rice within a fraction of minute without having to shake manually or causing air bubbles that lead to colic pain and discomfort among newborns. Sounds awesome! Interested to know more, then just carry on reading four great features of the feeding tool that has taken the industry by storm.

Air vent

Equipped with an in-built air vent at the base of the baby bottle mixer, it is empowered to significantly trim down the quantity of air that your baby gulp-down while having the meal that you’ve prepared. In general, 바다이야기 bottles that you find in the market are having air vents built-in the nipple of it, however, they are not found so effective to eliminate the high possibility of generating air within the container. On the contrary, with rechargeable battery operated air vent that mixes the formula milk with other nutrients while spinning like a gale more evenly than what you produce through shaking and without creating foams that leads to intestinal pain. Also, as you store fully breast milk for your infant, the air vent separates the milk layers while raising the fat contents to the top and mixing it thoroughly and consistently without the necessitate of shaking the bottle.

The nipple

With soft silicone nipples that replicates the natural shape of mom’s breast, the easy-sippy nipples make it easier for newborns to older babies to sip your milk formula without any hassle in a relaxing way. In the same way, the anti-colic vent system allows the milk to pass through the nipple smoother than ever. As the easy latch on the nipple can easily get into your baby’s mouth, its scientifically designed nipple cover lock and nipple collapse support eliminate all chances to pass air from outside, which is a common experience of using average nipples and bottles available online and in stores. By choosing the right nipples available in 4 varieties of dripping capacities sold in terms of slow, medium, fast, and sprouting, you can eliminate all risks of controlling the flow of milk while breastfeeding and make your feeding experience easy and stress-free. Notably, these nipples are also sold separately while you can procure them online as per your necessity.

The bottle

With a comfortable shape, the baby bottle mixer is a great portable feeding solution for your baby. Outfitted with its built-in rechargeable battery, wherever you go, even while traveling, you can prepare your baby’s meal in a relaxing way. Simply pour the baby’s diet formula in the bottle, press its button and wait for 15 seconds; now, the meal is well-blended and prepared to feed your loving baby while taking him or her on your lap. To conclude, since it is designed with a USB charger port, you need not be anxious about running out of power. Put the pocket and get your batter charged once more and get going.

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