Let’s define what the team is. Team defined as is a group of people with complementary skills and {personalities that complement other team members, and united by same goal.Team members know, understand, complement each other, rely on each other and 우리카지노 help each other. That is why it is crucial to determine early whether an individual is a good team player or not. There are several people who are great specialists, 코인카지노쿠폰 they have all required and essential experience but it’s important to find out whether he or she will become a good team member.   
There are two important things when hiring an employee:1) A person needs to have skills to do required work. 2) An individual must be a good team player.   

Person has to have this essential skills to become good team player:
Here is what makes a great team player. 
1. Able to express himself clearly and coherently2. Interested and highly motivated in common goal. Thinks about team as a possibility to accomplish a goal, 크레이지슬롯 not a threat. 3. Committed to the team4. Listening other team members carefully5. Respect others. Treats others with respect. Everybody in group have to respect opinions of others and treat each other as equal.6. Suggest his/her help. Suggest to help another team member. 7. Sharing with others his or her ideas and 007카지노 knowledge. Great team players gladly share everything: information, knowledge, and experience.8. Acknowledge responsibility both for personal contribution to the team and for team results. 9. Good team members can be count on. They will do their job best at all time not just sometime.10. Flexible. They should be able to acclimatize to changing requirements and information. 11. Reasonable. Give reasons for own ideas. 12. Taking part in discussion actively. 13. Suggest new ideas14. Influenses. Good team members motivate a group for high performance.Recommended questions to ask during an interview to determine whether a person have all necessary skills. 
It recommended to ask a candidate this questions during an interview: – What is successful team? – Can you give an example when you were working in a team? – Was it successful? – What role did you play in a team? What tasks you were performing? – What problems you had working in a team?  
When talking to a candidate, you are listening that person values teamwork and willing to work with others as a team member. 

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