Daikin is a global manufacturer of air conditioners that performs its mission of reducing energy consumption, improving people’s well-being and contributing to global warming. .
To achieve this goal, Daikin Group conducts quantitative environmental assessments for each air conditioning product life cycle to develop products and services that use minimal power and combine them to optimize them. The overall energy consumption of buildings.
Daikin air conditioning performance solutions include:
• Development of products using inverter technology
Air conditioners using inverter technology can reduce power consumption by 50-60%.
Inverters help control the operation of the compressor motor, which helps to stabilize the operation of the compressor, effectively based on the principle of frequency, voltage and frequency conversion.
• Evaluate the life cycle of the air conditioner
Through the life cycle assessment (LCA), Daikin determined the environmental impact at each stage of the product cycle.
During the life of the air conditioner, most of the greenhouse gases are emitted during the use of the product, and the refrigerant also represents a major impact. That is why Daikin focuses on reducing the impact of these two.
In addition to incorporating inverter technology to reduce power consumption, Daikin uses low-latency global warming HFC-32 (R32) refrigerants to achieve higher energy efficiency. In 2016, Daikin reduced CO2 emissions from residential air conditioners by 21% and from commercial air conditioners by 32%.
• Improve the energy efficiency of air conditioners
Daikin always tightens the criteria of energy efficiency during the use phase to improve the energy efficiency of the product.
In February 2016, Daikin released a series of commercial air conditioners in grades 1.5 to 6 HP using R32 gas and achieved điều hòa nhật bãi an phúc annual efficiency factor (APF *) increase from 0.1 to 0. , 4. We are also using HFC-32 refrigerants in household air conditioners, floor heaters and water heaters.
* APF represents the heating and cooling capacity for each kWh in a year using air conditioning in specific conditions. The higher the APF, the greater the energy efficiency of the air conditioner
With the business concept towards the green environment, good products, Daikin is one of the harmonic brands trusted by many consumers, including Vietnam.

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