P-spot is to men what G-spot is to women. If there is a way to arouse the G-spot for women, there is also a way to stimulate the elusive P-spot for men. But, the only difference is that prostate massaging is a bit of a taboo for men. Most men cringe at the thought of anal pleasure. The idea of having a finger inserted into their anus makes them feel gross and this is why a lot of men miss out on the fun and pleasure of prostate milking or prostate massaging. However, if you relate to this dilemma, do not count this rubdown therapy out unless you have tried it. Below given are some of the surprising benefits of prostate massage in Baker Street and information on how it is performed.

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Improved function: Prostate massage helps in enhancing the overall functioning of the prostate as regular massaging releases fluids and promotes blood flow in the area. This also helps in improving other functions like, urine flow and the prevention of build-up that might lead to swelling and inflammation. Furthermore, prostate massaging is also related to augmenting the ability to overcome impotence due to the increased stimulation and circulation of seminal fluid.

Prevention of illnesses related to the prostate: Prostatitis, benign prostate hyperplasia and prostate cancer are some of the most common prostate-related illnesses. Regular and proper prostate milking can help prevent such unwanted conditions.

Enhanced sexual performance: Prostate massage goes hand in hand with sexual pleasure and better sexual performance. By regularly milking your prostate, you can improve your ejaculation and enjoy explosive orgasms. Ejaculation as a result of prostate stimulation can be much more explosive and intense than a penile one.
How is the prostate massaged?

It is important that you only allow your prostate to be touched and massaged by a professional. Masseuses with years of experience have the expertise needed to carry out prostate milking safely. The steps that therapists follow whilst massaging the prostate are given below.

Set up the atmosphere using candles, dim lighting, aromatic oils and soothing music. Setting up of a romantic environment is important as it helps to set the mood and take away nervousness.

The therapist washes her hands and wears gloves.

Makes use of a lot of lubricant so that the finger is able to slide in and out the anus smoothly and with less friction.

The therapist applies a lot of lubricant around the anus area and on her fingers and then, slowly and gently inserts her finger into the anus. At first, she only enters it a little and takes it out. This process is repeated a few times to make the anus feel comfortable of her finger. Once the muscles loosen up and relax, 출장안마 she inserts her finger deep into the anus, finds the prostate and starts massaging and rubbing it gently. The process is extremely relaxing and highly arousing.
So, as you can see, getting a prostate massage in Baker Street is not a scary experience, but a highly satisfying one. You get to improve your overall health, get the relaxation that you desire and also experience pleasure. The new sensations that the therapist will introduce you to are going to make you feel content and delighted.

You will find a number of agencies in London providing incall services in Baker Street and other areas of the city. But, if you wish to have your prostate massaged more privately, you can opt for outcall services. Your chosen massage therapist will come to your hotel suite or home to perform this delectable and unique massage. She will take care of your needs and once the session is over, you can just lie back, relax and think about the wonderful time that you had. Book an appointment right away so that you do not miss out on experiencing this amazing pleasure.

London Tantric Massage is the agency of choice when it comes to experiencing a relaxing, soothing and highly sensual prostate massage in Baker Street. This agency works with exceptionally talented, experienced and beautiful massage girls who are experts in anal play.

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