Macro environmental factors:

These are the factors which are affecting the organisation externally. These are:

Economic: Customers economic conditions are not same in the different countries. The distribution in income also impacts on the pricing policies of the company and also affects the market segmentation and decision. Here I am taking the example of one factor of economic factor 예스카지노쿠폰 that is employment rate. If the employment rate of the country decreases, in result Starbuck has to decrease the price of the product because of the high number of the people who have lost their job. Hence, Starbuck might change its decision on pricing policies for same product in the different countries by keeping the economic conditions of the country in the mind.

Political: As the economic factor, the political factor of one country is also different from other country. There are various laws that are imposed by the government on invasion of new business like child labour, tax policies, fair trade and health and safety. For ex- UK government impose about 30 % tax on the organisations which are doing well in the country

Technological: Now days, technology is changing day by day. Earlier, to place an order one had to move to store but now he can place order by sitting at home with the help of internet. Now days, social networking site like Face book and 우리카지노계열 Twitter is widely using by the people regularly. With the help of this technology, Starbuck can brand their products and 우리카지노주소 can also plan a quiz and generate the other source to get the information and can set a position in the mind of customers. 

Micro environmental factors:

Competitors: There are the numbers of competitor such as Costa coffee and Coffee Nero present in the market and offering the same product at a very low price to penetrate the market. As it is known that Starbuck has captured the large area of market in this industry so the competitor always shows interest to know the strategy behind the introduction of the new product by Starbuck. So Starbuck has to control on the information and strategy they are using.

Customers: Customer is the person who buys the product with the exchange of money. What a customer wants from any organisation is the satisfaction of their needs. If a customer finds that his or her need is fulfilled by this organisation then they hardly move to the other organisation. It should always take care to find the exact need of the customer.

Suppliers: Suppliers are the people who make the product available in the market. They arrange all the resources at the right place and on the right time that are useful for the manufacturing. Sometimes, they work as a face of company for 샌즈카지노신규 the customer.

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