Common washing machine problems and how to fix the washing machine
Here are some tips related to what can happen with your washing machine or why your washing machine is broken and how you can fix it. All these remedies can be applied to Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Panasonic washing machines.
In Part 1 of this series, there are three easy ways to repair your washing machine: – The washing machine does not work, the washing machine has been running for a long time.
? Repair 1: The washing machine does not work – Can not start
If your washing machine refuses to start, it may not be properly connected to the mains. However, if it stops running in the middle of the cycle, overheating can cause it to trip.
The easiest way is to get some downloads from the machine and run again.
1. If your washing machine refuses to start: Check the power cord, power supply, and power supply.
2. If on some models of washing machines with buttons, the knobs on and off can not work.
3. Remove the power, remove the control panel and check the wiring or burn points on the main switch / clutch.
4. You may have to buy a new washing machine knob or key clutch if this is your problem.

Repair # 2: Washing machines are taking too long to fill up
The thimble of the washing machine takes only a few minutes to complete the take-off before the start of the spin cycle. However, sometimes you may find that your home water heater takes too long to provide enough water for the machine.
Here’s what can happen and how to fix it:
1. The valves that control the amount of water entering the laundry can not be fully opened.
In this case, you can simply check this valve and make sure the lever is turned on completely.
2. Water pipes into the laundry can become clogged or damaged and need to be replaced.
In this case, you need to straighten the water pipeline from end to end, do not fold any location.
Turn off the washer and remove the hose from the inserted, clamped and clamped positions on the straight pipe.
If the hose is cracked or leaking, replace it with a new hose.
3. It can also be caused by clogged pipes due to dirt.
Clean the hose well, remove all dirt and block it and attach it to your washer.
4. Low water pressure can also be the reason why it takes too much time to fill the washing machine cage.
Try closing all other water sources in the house and try washing.

? Repair 3: The washing machine emits a hiss
Frequent overheating of the washing machine with more clothes than the machine’s capacity is a common cause of this phenomenon.
This is one of the standard repair procedures.
– The discharge pump on your washing machine is responsible for draining water from the cage before the cycle begins.
However, if the engine starts to produce noise misfed, it may be faulty or limited.
– Remove the front panel of your washing machine and verify that the source of the noise is from the drainage pump.
Remember that you are open to expose parts of the washing machine so be very careful while handling with mua diều hòa cũ an phúc open washer.
– Remove the drain hose from the drainage pump, keeping the pot or bin handy for easy drainage from the pump or nozzle.
– Check the pump to see if the pump is rotating correctly, what’s not.
– Check for any foreign objects placed in the pump.
Remove any strange objects or impede drainage pumps, or buy a new drainage pump

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